Permit Set Drawing and Service

Permit Set Drawing

Isn’t it painful to work and deal with the permit paperwork that you have no idea of and about working in the city?

So why don’t you leave it to the professionals?

Fiable Consulting specialises in providing Permit service & has complete knowledge about the latest regulations and requirements of the municipality for the various types of construction permits.

We make sure that you get the best drawing and permits within a suitable time so that you can start your project as soon as possible.

Some questions would be coming to mind regarding Permit drawing & Service.

What are Permit drawings?

A permit drawing is a form of technical drawing used in the construction industry to convey the design of a building or structure. It is also referred to as a construction drawing or a detailed drawing.

Typically produced by architects or engineers, permit drawings include comprehensive details about the building’s dimensions, structure, structural components, and materials. 

They are used to acquire licence from regional government bodies, such as building permits, that enable the advancement of construction.

Floor plans, elevations, sections, and details, as well as requirements for the materials, finishes, and apparatus, may all be included in permit drawings. 

They are crucial construction documents because they offer a thorough road plan for builders and contractors to follow while building.

When do I need a building permit?

Any construction, alteration, or repair work that compromises the accessibility, fire safety, or structural integrity of a building or property usually requires a building permit. Depending on the location and jurisdiction, there may be particular requirements for building permits, but generally speaking, the following tasks need one:

For new construction or addition a building permit is typically needed if you intend to create a new structure or add on to an existing structure.

Changes to the building’s structure, such as the removal of load-bearing walls, the installation of new beams or columns, or adjustments to the foundation or top, may call for a permit.

Plumbing and HVAC work generally require permits to ensure that they are installed safely and following regulations.

Building exterior modifications, such as the installation of new windows, doors, or siding, may call for permission.

For demolition or removal, a permit is usually needed if you intend to destroy or take a building or other structure.

It’s crucial to confirm the precise specifications for building permits in your region with your local government organisation or building department. 

Before beginning any construction or renovation job, it is always advisable to decide on the side of caution and acquire all necessary permits. Failure to do so can result in fines, penalties, and even legal action.

How do I get a Permit & drawing?

The process of obtaining the necessary building permits and working drawings can be lengthy. The procedure can be summarised as follows:

The first step in getting a permission and blueprint is to go to a design specialist, like an architect or engineer. 

They will work with you to create a plan that is practical and abides by all zoning and construction rules in your area.

After the design has been approved, the design professional will develop permit drawings that verify compliance with local building standards and regulations through precise plans, specifications, and calculations. 

These drawings are required by the local building department and will be submitted with the permit application.

Permit applications are submitted to the local building department when a permit application form and permit drawings have been completed. 

Site plans, surveys, and environmental impact statements may be needed as well, however, this varies from project to project.

To obtain a building permit, one must have the application and accompanying drawings reviewed by the local building department. If everything checks out, the applicant will be granted the permit.

Permits must be posted in a conspicuous area on the job site where inspectors may clearly see them at all times. Once you get your building permit, you can officially start building. 

Contractors and inspectors will use the permit drawings as a reference during construction to make sure everything is being done according to the approved plans and specifications.

As the work advances, it must be inspected at various points to make sure it is being done according to the authorised permit drawings and local building standards and regulations. 

Before construction can proceed, it must be inspected, corrected (if necessary), and given the green light.

The process of acquiring permission and drawing might be lengthy and difficult, but it is necessary for building projects to be completed legally and securely. 

 If you want to avoid problems later on, it’s best to get in touch with the local building department and competent designers right away.

Who requires a Permit?

Any work done on a structure or property that impacts its stability, fire safety, or accessibility will usually necessitate a permit. 

This might be anything from putting up a brand new building to demolishing an old one, from installing new wiring and plumbing to revamping the look of the outside. 

Every municipality has its own set of rules when it comes to issuing building permits, but if you’re planning on starting a major construction job, you’ll probably need to get one from your local government. 

It is important to check with the local building department to learn the specific requirements for building permits in your area and to obtain the necessary permits before beginning any construction or renovation project to avoid fines, penalties, and even legal action for failing to obtain a required permit.

Examples of projects that require a building permit:

Buildings, structures, and outbuildings like garages and sheds are brand new construction.

  • Improvements made to existing buildings and structures
  • Modifications made to the function or occupancy of a structure
  • Taking down or tearing down a structure
  • The laying of pipe and the rerouting of drains
  • Electrical work, including installation and repair
  • Fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and smoke detectors can all be installed or updated as part of an overall fire protection plan.
  • Alterations to the exterior of a structure, such as new siding, windows, and doors.
  • Modifications to existing elevators, ramps, and other forms of disabled access.

Types of Work Permits?

Based on the location and type of project a number of plans need to be submitted for better development in order to get permission. 

The following are the set of Permits that are created for the clients and that help them to manage tricky and difficult projects by getting permission seamlessly.

Architectural/Structural set

This set displays the layout and the aesthetic of the project and it is very crucial when it comes to getting permission from the client or the city. 

This set includes the details like site plan, flooring plan, material schedule, sections, structural calculations, and elevations.

Structural Plan Set 

The structural plan set is usually submitted during the time of the proposal of the architectural plan.

This drawing focuses on the overall structure of the engineering of the project including the details of the columns, slabs, beams, flooring, wall component, ceiling, connections and structural calculations.

MEP Permit set

This is one of the most crucial procedures to do. Every construction project has to show its MEP set which is Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing set with proper specification plans and drawings.

These are reviewed by different departments when it comes to government approval.

The Mechanical permit set includes the information details regarding the cooling, heating, smoke control, duct, and kitchen equipment and even includes the calculation related to energies.

The electrical permit set includes reviews of the details of electrical equipment and other objects used in the project like lights, switches, outlets, transformers, switchgear, etc.

And the Plumbing set includes all the details regarding the plumbing of the project. This includes the information about the riser diagram, plumbing flooring plan, the assessment of water usage, gas pipes, grey water system, sprinkler water system for fire and hydraulic calculation.

Civil permit set

The civil permit is specially meant for the specification of the exterior of the project and is needed when you want approval for the new construction site or modification of the old one.

This set includes the details related to landscaping, grading, erosion control, utilities, drainage, etc.

How do we do it at FAIBLE CONSULTING?

We follow the strict protocol of the government to ensure that the permit procedure works in the favour of our clients.

We perform tasks with complete satisfaction & in steps to ensure a smooth process while eliminating the chance of disagreements with the open discussion with the client.


This is the first step to be done is to collaborate with the client and understand their needs and what they are looking for.

At this stage, the client and we discuss the project scope along with the client’s expectations to understand the project appropriately.

Drawings and Designing 

After the discussion and getting input from the client, our team gets to work and starts creating the drawings for the different sections of the project and come up with different sets of drawings & plans needed for permission at various stages.

As we bring with us several years of experience and understanding of this job’s needs.

First draft feedback

We discuss the first draft with the client and ask them for their feedback & suggestions. Further changes are done according to their feedback.

This is the most important step for the project. Therefore, we take sufficient time to understand the client’s expectations once again before creating the final draft.

Analyse and create the Final Quality Check

After receiving feedback, our team works on everything based on the client’s feedback and what is necessary for the client and then creates the final draft which is sent out to the in-house team of QC.

Final result

Once the draft of the permit set is created and approved by the team of quality control experts, the draft is sent to the client.

So what are you waiting for, get started easily with Fiable Consulting-The best consulting agency that can help with the permit paperwork with the new rules and regulations. Contact  +1 4168253983 

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