Below Grade Entrance Drawings Permit

Before we appreciate the wants for below-grade entrance permits, let’s understand what is a below-grade entrance. You could often have come across this word while someone was discussing his/her home renovation ideas.

A grade entry implies that which is on the ground level and a below-grade entrance means an entrance that occurs to be below the ground level (under the floor) (under the ground) (under the ground). Such an exterior basement entry is created for either a second living unit or a basement-dwelling unit. Such separate entry to the basement may be highly helpful in transforming your basement into a second housing unit that can be utilized as a guest room or a rented basement apartment which may operate as an exterior basement entrance.

Why The Need For Such Exterior Basement Entrance

This type of exterior basement access provides seclusion not only to you as the owner, but also to your tenant.
A separate entrance to the basement allows both parties to avoid interfering with daily operations.
A basement exterior entry cost may appear to be a significant expense, but it significantly contributes to attracting tenants for your rented basement apartment.
The addition of an outside basement entry raises the value of your basement rental unit, and you can charge a premium to help recover the cost of the basement outside entrance.

You need a permit for the outdoor basement access just like you did for the finished basement. And, just as you required approvals for your legal basement apartment, a below-grade entrance permit has its own set of requirements that must be met in order to obtain the permit for your rented basement apartment. Here is a walkthrough of the procedure:

Before planning the separate basement entry, make sure to check your neighbourhood’s rules.
Contact us to discuss the scope of the project, and we can assist you with estimating the drawings and obtaining permission.
Following extensive observations, we assemble the necessary papers to apply for city permits.
The final step is where, once you have the authorization, you can begin constructing activities based on the permit drawings of the outside basement entry.

Also, if you’re wondering what documents you’ll need to complete the application for a basement outside entrance permit and how much it will cost, look no further.

Here Are The Things You Need To Know For Building Your Exterior Basement Entrance:

You must provide the local authorities with the contact information of the designer who created the plans for your underground entry. Name, registration number, qualification information, signatures, and any other required papers must be included.

Second, blueprints and plans are prepared in advance of any legitimate basement apartment construction, and blueprints of the exterior basement entrance are to be attached to the proper format for sharing with the authorities. These blueprints should include the apartment’s address, legal information, planned construction, and measurements.

Third, you must disclose the apartment’s legal basement and ground floor plans, including all relevant information such as room sizes, section marks, soil bearing capacity, foundation wall and footing specifications, and the building’s construction. All the paperwork for the permit can be taken care of by us.

Fourthly, a letter of authorization stating that you agree to the modifications outlined in the approved basement apartment designs for your dwelling.

Fifth, the cost of a basement’s external entry will vary based on factors including the scope of the project and its location. However, if you contact us, we may provide a quote after we learn more about the unique needs of your basement’s entry.

The complexity of the basement entry and any further updates to the By-law rules will likely dictate the specific documentation needed for the project. The local government will review these documents before issuing a building permit for your basement apartment, and you should expect to pay a fee.

Assuming you are familiar with the procedure and required paperwork for the basement entrance, here are a few other items to consider:

You’ll also need a number of other things, including railings, doors, and windows, for your basement’s side entry (also access the need for an Egress window for your basement for safety).
Having a sump pump installed is something to think about if you live in a potentially flood-prone area.
Having sunlight flood your home is a priority for many, but if you live in a basement, you may find it difficult to achieve this.

We know you probably have a lot of questions even after reading these recommendations, but we hope they assist to give you a general picture of what is involved in obtaining a below-grade access permit. With over a decade of experience, we can assist you in obtaining not just the correct estimate for the basement rental unit, but also any type of permission to finish the basement. Please contact us at or by dialling +1 4168253983.

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